Brian Cox – Europe in a Motorhome

Caledonian Campers are proud to announce that the famous Scottish actor Brian Cox has hired one of our motorhomes for the month of August to travel through Europe.

Brian’s trip round Europe prompted us here at Caledonian Campers to brush up on our knowledge relating to travelling Europe in a campervan or motorhome.  We would like to share our new found knowledge!

One of the first things we sourced was a European drive abroad pack from halfords.  This has all the extras and equipment you are legally required to have in your vehicle whilst driving in the EU. When driving in France you are also legally required to have breathalysers with you.

When travelling on ferries it is a requirement to switch off the gas at the bottle prior to boarding.

There may be more to learn. We can update you apon Brian’s return!

If you are planning to visit and tour Europe, then a road trip is one of the best ways to do it. Caledonian Campers allows you to have your own transport and you can go anywhere, anytime you want. The open road is waiting.
Driving around Europe is relatively easy. Outside of the UK every country drives on the right, and many of the borders no longer exist so there is no waiting or visa checks. Not only do you have one of the best tools for independent travel, a vehicle, but a road trip can be a more affordable way to travel.

Many people enjoy motorhome and campervan road trips around Europe every year. A motorhome or campervan might not be your first choice this option gives a freedom unparalleled by any other vehicle. A car can get you around but in a motorhome or  campervan you can prepare and cook food. Think of all those coffees and teas you don’t have to buy in cafes. Looking for and staying in hotels can be a pain, staying in a motorhome or campervan works out much cheaper. Why stay in someone else’s bed when you already have one with you in your camper? Across Europe there are specific places where campervans can be parked and slept in for free, called Aires. Suddenly the road trip has just got a lot cheaper, with only fuel and food costs you have a few more tourist Euros to spend!


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