Keeping 2013 Prices For Hires In 2014

Thinking of booking a holiday, unsure of a destination? Do not have enough funds for the whole family to go abroad? Hire a budget camper-van from Caledonian Campers and be sure not to miss out on a summer vacation!

VW T5 Campervan

Hiring a budget camper-van from Caledonian Campers gives you the freedom to experience Scotland’s hidden scenery and remember in the UK freedom camping is legal so you can park up and experience Scotland as well as saving some funds because you do not need to pay for a campsite!

If you don’t fancy touring your hometown then why not plan a visit to tour Europe, we have been advised that a road trip is one of the best ways to do so. Hiring a camper-van from Caledonian Campers allows you to have your own transport to go anywhere at anytime you want. The open road awaits you!

T5 camper hire

Driving around Europe is relatively easy. Outside of the UK every country drives on the right hand side, not only do you have one of the best tools for independent travel, a camper-van, but a road trip is a much more affordable way of travelling. Many people enjoy camper-van road trips around Europe every year, a camper-van may not be your first choice but this option gives a freedom unparalleled by any other vehicle. You can travel in a car but with a camper-van you have everything you will possibly need right behind you so everything works out much cheaper. Across Europe there are specific places where camper-vans can be parked and slept in for free, called Aires. Suddenly the road trip has just got a lot cheaper, with only fuel and food costs you have a few more tourist Euros to spend!

campervan hire glasgow

Caledonian Campers & Conversions Ltd are now taking bookings for 2014, our hire prices will remain the same as 2013.

You can contact us regarding a hire on 0141 952 5399 or alternatively

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