Caledonian Campers and Conversions have started

converting our Volkswagen ‘Pug’ (trailer).


Our master craftsmen on sight have hand crafted each individual piece of wood to

create our furniture unit, our auto trimmer and upholsterer has upholstered our bed in

traditional, original Volkswagen material. Caledonian Campers and

Conversions have manufactured the first aluminium, crash/pull tested Rock’n’Roll bed

in the UK which has been fitted inside our ‘Pug’.



We will be taking our ‘Pug’ to the Volksfling Festival in August, so keep your eyes

peeled for a look inside. We will also be taking our Volkswagen T5 Hire Fleet which we

have converted in house with us so you can also have a look at what our top quality

conversions are like.


Basic conversions starting from £6,505.00!

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