What’s right for YOU?


If you’re looking for a safer holiday environment with great facilities for the family or

an intimate site away from it all. Whatever your particular needs or situation, we have a

site that will be perfect for you! Below are our top site recommendations if you’re new

to campervanning!



Just for the two of you!

Just for the 2 of you!

Campervanning is a great way to enjoy quality time together. Share some new experiences of the Britting

countryside, get active with outdoor pursuits, explore local culture and history and history or enjoy local foor

and drink. The options are endless and the choice is yours!


Top Sites For Couples..


  • Lauder – Berwickshire


  • Rhandirmwyn – Carmarthenshire


  • Sandringham – Norfolk


These are peaceful sites that serve as an ideal base for exploring your surroundings and the local culture!

Family Fun!


vw camper family


Families come together in shared activities in the great outdoors in a way they almost never do elsewhere. Kids

revel in the opportunity to get out and explore, letting you relax knowing there’s plenty to keep them busy.

There are always other families to have fun with on site and it’s a great base from which to visit local



Top Sites For Families..


  • Adgestone – Isle of Wight


  • Conkers National Forest – Derbyshire


  • Sundrum Castle Holiday Park – Ayr


With great activities and facilities, a theme park at Gullivers, forest trails at Conkers and a swimming pool at

Adgestone, there’s always plenty to keep the kids occupied!

The Whole Clan!


Freedom Camping

There’s nothing like all getting together and interacting in the great outdoors to really bring the whole clan

closer. Whether it’s generations of your family or a group of your friends, Campervanning is perfect for this

with accommodation and options to suit all ages and needs.

Top Sites For Large Groups..

  • Scarborough – North Yorkshire


  • Windermere – Cumbria


  • Veryan – Cornwall


  • Cashel Campsite – Scotland


These sites offer a range of on-site facilities and nearby activities such as watersports, picturesque walks or

beaches to cater for your group.


There are many choices of campervan and motorhome sites, Caledonian

Campers supply you with a Camping & Caravanning Privilege Pack with all hires. This

entitles the hirer to up to 50% off in campsites!


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