Wildlife & Freedom Camping

Freedom Camping & Scottish Wildlife..


The best way to see Scotland.

Caledonian Campers Ltd would like our customers to experience the best parts of

Scotland and there is no better way to do so than hiring a campervan or

motorhome! Scotland is one of the only places in the UK where freedom camping

is legal! So instead of booking into campsites why not drive and experience with your

own eyes the most beautiful parts of the Scottish Countryside, the wild life and the

amazing scenery. With the rights to freedom camp in Scotland comes some

responsibilities, these being that you must leave these wild places unblemished by

your visit, if you have a camp fire you must leave no sign that you have and do not

damage or cut down any trees.. Hiring with Caledonian Campers Ltd you shouldn’t

need to light a fire as our campervans and motorhomes are fully equipped with Gas

Heating Systems and full electrical power management systems, therefore you have

light and heat in your vehicle so can continue to protect these wild sites. 



Searching for rare wildlife? Be sure to visit the following places, but remember..

Always be quiet, do not scare the wildlife and do not leave any waste lying around that

could damage these animals in anyway!



Isle of Rum, Inner Hebrides


The isle of Rum has more than 300 red deer stags on the one tiny island, there is no

 where better to witness the annual rut in which adult males compete for harems of

females between mid-September and mid-November, remember the later that you go in

the year, the less midges you will come across! You should also have a look out for

the Rum Ponies, this specific breed of pony is unique to the isle.


Loch Maree


Loch Maree is a must for any Scottish visitor, it has everything that typifies the

Scottish Highlands – history, grandeur, munros, scenery and wide open spaces

(perfect for freedom camping) with more than sixty scattered islands they carry the

nearest thing to the natural woodland left in Britain, a fragment of the original

Caledonian Pine Forest. Black-throated divers, take advantage of the tranquillity of

one of Britain’s least polluted freshwater lochs to breed here.


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